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I am Anton, a Tarot reader and Psychic with over 30 years experience. I started reading with my first deck, the Tarot de Marseille given to me by my grandmother. I then progressed, as I developed my skills, to practice Cartomancy and develop my own way of reading with the Tarot. 

I am based in London, UK, where I have also been running for the past couple of years the London Tarot Study Group  which is the biggest of its kind in the UK and has been running now for 7 years. Not only we practice and study Tarot, but we also have had plenty of national and international speakers like Cilla Conway (author of the Byzantine Tarot) and Ciro Marchetti (author of many decks like the Gilded Tarot and the Tarot of Dreams).

I am also a qualified Life Coach and Holistic Therapist and am available for Tarot and Psychic coaching on request. My readings are compassionate and straightforward and always delivered within 72 hours, I welcome any questions or queries you may have and I am also available for readings in person, but for these please contact me via the contact form, for my other readings available online simply go to my Holistic shop . Or, if you prefer, you can contact me on 07539-006179.







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Disclaimer: I am obliged by law to state that all readings are for entertainment only. All alternative and holistic therapies provided here are in no way a substitute for medical advice. If in doubt please consult a professional.

Refunds: No refunds given unless I am unable to provide the service or reading or I have to cancel due to exceptional circumstances. Cancellations will be taken but a 48 hours notice will be required (for healing and therapy sessions) and 24 hours for Tarot readings or a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.



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