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  1. Also known as "night terrors". As the word suggests it can be a frightening experience but, essentially, it is harmless. It occurs (generally) as our body "wakes up" before our consciousness does. Therefore you might find yourself unable to move, hallucinations and hearing voices are also very common. Many people also describe seeing "beings" and experiencing an intense sense of fear, panic.

    But is what we see then real or imagined? My own experience was of waking up and being unable to move and having difficulty in breathing. As I looked up I saw a noose on the ceiling and this loud male voice kept shouting at me. My friend was asleep nearby but I was unable to scream. The voice kept calling my name and I was getting more and more afraid. And then, with what sounded like a "thump" I was back to normal.

    To this day I am still unsure if what I experienced was partly a OBE, a lucid dream or "night terrors". Thankfully I have to say that it hasn't happened since!

  2. Dreaming of getting lost (or of losing something) can mean you are unable to move forward with a certain situation in life. You might be feeling overwhelmed, insecure or unable to make a decision. You could also be "losing direction" if for example have just started something new and are unsure of how to deal with it or is not what you expected.

    POSITIVES: stamina, strong will, ambition, courage, moving forward.

    NEGATIVES: stagnation, tiredness, insecurity, hidden fears.

    Tarot cards: Strength, Death, Hanged Man, 4 of Swords, 9 of Wands, 5 of Wands.

  3. This is a Tarot spread I created a few years ago inspired by the coaching acronym F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real). It is very simple and works at looking on the inside of a situation (or inside ourselves) when stuck or fearful of what to do or a certain outcome.

    Simply draw 3 cards for each letter:

    F (What I fear)

    E (What are my expectations)

    A (What are the appearances, my perception)

    R (What is the reality of the situation)

    This spread is very straightforward and can be very direct, enjoy!


  4. The following content is taken from the Tarot spells handout I created for the London Tarot study Group. You can buy the full version of this course in my SHOP page.

    Creating Spells

    Today we will be mainly practising creating spells and what methods we can use. What materials are best used and what Tarot cards we feel are more appropriate (if any specifically since we all have different perceptions).

    Below I will list some examples and some spells exercises. For accessories and candles colours:

    Red: passion, sexuality, love, attraction;

    Reddish brown: fertility, creativity, family love;

    Pink: romance, love, friendships;

    Orange: creativity, career, vitality;

    Yellow: career, studies, communication, creativity;

    Blue: healing, clearing, communication;

    Purple: healing, spirit communication, heightening psychic powers;

    Green: grounding, money, career and luck.

    White: all-purpose.


    Exercise 1:

    Create an affirmation and pick at least 3 cards for the following:

    -         Performing a healing spell;

    -         Performing a clearing spell;

    -         Performing a “attract love” spell.

    Exercise 2:

    Let’s say we are creating a spell to attract a new job. What colour candles/crystals/accessories would you use? If I give you the first card as the Ace of Pentacles what 2 other cards do you think should follow?

    As a rule I believe spells should not be performed more than once and at least not until at least 3 months have passed from the first one. Give time for the energies to work, we are not talking creating miracles here but manifesting wishes, desires and goals. No spells should be performed that compels others or are against their wishes (sorry that is just bad karma!). When casting for yourself: be real and be careful what you wish for, it might just manifest. Above all have fun playing with the Universe energies, they will listen!

    Sometimes though I get asked why a spell did not work…so I ask the client: is it because it wasn’t for your own good? How exactly did you formulate your wish? (This is really important the same as it is in formulating the right question in a Tarot reading).

    Have fun ;)

  5. Rooms in dreams represent the mind and different aspects of consciousness. If the room is white then it may represent changes and the need to move on. Moving between rooms can signify decisions to be made. Going to upstairs rooms is something trying to surface to consciousness, going downstairs something buried in the subconscious. Room colours can also be representative of the different chakras and need for work in certain areas of our lives.

    POSITIVES: Self development, progress, moving on, healing, karma healing, positive changes;

    NEGATIVES: uncertainty, depressive thoughts, fear of change, anxiety, stagnation.

    Tarot cards: Death, Hanged Man, The Chariot, 6 of Swords, 4 of pentacles, 8 of Cups.

  6. I recently reviewed the Lovers Path Tarot ( read review ) and the deck came with a very useful foldable sheet with suggested Tarot spreads. One caught my attention and is a 13 cards relationship spread in a cross shape.

    The cards are read in groups of 3 (left to right and above - below) with the left representing the querent role in the relationship; the right the other person role; above future possibilities; below past of the relationship. The middle card (number 4) represents the outcome and can be left covered until the end of the reading if so wished. Because 3 cards can tell a "story" better than just one or having to pull more clarifiers I found this spread very useful and precise. I tried a random general one to try it out myself and I got:

    Left: Illusion (Moon) - 2 of Staves (Wands) - Princess of Arrow (Swords)

    Right: 2 of Coins - Judgment - 3 of Cups

    Above: Fortune - 7 of Arrows - 4 of Staves

    Below: Triumph (The World) - Contemplation (Hermit) - 3 of Staves

    Outcome: 4 of Coins

    Quite interesting and here is a picture of it:

    Tarot spread

    All in all a very useful spread for gaining insights :)

  7. Loved or Hated (bit like Marmite, although I have not met many that love this card) The Tower heralds changes ahead. However, unlike Death where the changes are slow to build, with The Tower they are often here and now and 99% unavoidable (see? I leave the 1% available cause nothing is ever cast in stone). If you, like me, have Death coming up in future readings positions and ignore it or misunderstand it you will find yourself meeting the Tower eventually.

    I would not say I like this card when it comes up I tend to think: "oh", but then this is the ultimate regeneration. Being somewhat forced into the changes and into The Star (the following Major card) and hope. While I do not want to generalize too much since it always depends on the reading, spread used and question asked I do believe this card has certain characteristics that are innate. When I say disaster or purge I mean it. Is it a disaster to purge yourself of something that no longer serves you? Or perhaps something that was hurting or slowly putting you down? While I still feel that when Death appears we have a measure of control over the events still with the Tower this control diminishes. I also have to say that in my reading experience this is a card that tends to come out only when all other options have been exhausted or when one completely ignores what is in front of them.

    The Tower can bring about major changes: house moving, breakups, job changes, health upheavals and so on. But while many feel this card is negative (in some instances it can be but here I am speaking in general terms) I feel that many times this is a necessary purge that needs to be confronted to move on and to better shores.


    (image courtesy of Ciro Marchetti Gilded Tarot)

  8. Dreaming of being kidnapped can signify a loss of control, confidence or self esteem. Witnessing a kidnapping can be fear of change or a situation that is changing. Also the fear of losing control. Take a look at what is worrying you right now and what it is that you fear, it might be conscious or subconscious but paying attention to the symbolism of the dream can help you identify the issue.

    POSITIVES: Cognizance, awareness, getting to grips with reality, moving forward.

    NEGATIVES: Lack of confidence, low self esteem, fear of change, losing control (either emotionally or materialistically).

    Tarot cards: 7 of Swords, The Tower, The Fool, 5 of Wands, Knight of Cups.

  9. In general dreaming of bags refers to what burdens/worries/fears you are carrying in yourself at present. The state of the bag you see is important: a new bag signifies you are feeling comfortable and are ready to tackle whatever it is that needs done; an old/broken bag is the opposite and may signify you are feeling overwhelmed and not able to cope.

    POSITIVES Strength, self-assurance, able to juggle and deal with everyday life, stamina.

    NEGATIVES: Feeling overwhelmed, tiredness, depression, taking on too much, unable to cope or make decisions.

    Tarot cards: Strength, 8 of Pentacles, 9 of Swords, The Chariot, 3 of Pentacles.

  10. Ravens are powerful and intelligent. They symbolize the unconscious, the undiscovered and what we are not aware of. They can be prophetic and symbolize death or changes occurring. They bring up our shadow side and what we do not want to acknowledge in our waking life.

    POSITIVES: Strength, courage, facing own fears, moving forward, embracing change, insights, willpower.

    NEGATIVES: obsessions or phobias, fear of change, ill-health, weakness, recklessness, addictions.

    Tarot cards: Death, High Priestess, The Devil, The Magician, The Chariot, 6 of Swords, 8 of Swords.

  11. I recently acquired this beautiful crystal under suggestion from a friend. When it arrived I was surprised at the beauty and delicate (but strong) energy emanating from it.

    If you want to raise your vibrations, feel calmer, feel more determined and raise your energy levels than this is the crystal for you. Wear it or carry it in your pocket, Golden Beryl kept in the home also help when the days are shorter and darker (or anytime when light is lacking). It helps by maintaining energy levels constant.

    It is a solar plexus stone and connected to the Yellow Ray (Archangel Jophiel) so also linked with creativity and productivity.

    Use it in crystal grids to enhance the power of the grid whatever its purpose.



  12. Eating in dreams can be symbolic of your emotional and social state. Generally you need to distinguish if you are eating alone or with others. Alone can represent a lack of social contacts or emotions and/or wanting more. Eating with others on the contrary can signify you are relaxed in your present environment. What are you eating? Are you perhaps lacking some nutrients in your daily life? Or perhaps you might be overcompensating lacks with eating. Pay attention to what the food was and how you were eating it (may be you did not really want to it or you were eating too much of it for example).

    POSITIVES: Feeling comfortable, happiness, contentment, reaching out to others, high self-esteem, socially popular.

    NEGATIVES: Unhappiness, low self-esteem, overindulging, timid, reserved, needs others approval, lack of nutrients.

    Tarot cards: 6 of Cups, The Devil, 10 of Cups, 3 of Cups, The Empress, 9 of Pentacles.

  13. Shoes can have many levels of symbolism. From status, confidence (or lack of), daily grind, support (or lack of), self-esteem, attaining things in life, progressing and moving on.

    Depending on the type of shoe, if worn or new and the rest of the dream you can find many nuances to the symbolism of a shoe. It can represent changes and moving on in life but also things as they are. It can show ambitions and desires coming to the surface or fear of change. Generally you will need to look at the dream to be able to discern which elements apply best.

    POSITIVES: Progress, promotion, moving on, acknowledging your fears and doubts, willpower, moving ahead, being in charge, self-control, high self-esteem, embracing change.

    NEGATIVES: Low self-esteem, not moving, progress hindered, fear of change, unable to choose, procrastination, influenced by others, fearing a lowering of status.

    Tarot cards: Death, 6 of Swords, 10 of Pentacles, The Hanged Man, The Wheel of Fortune, Strength.

  14. For yesterday Full Moon (and Lunar eclipse) I got inspired and decided to make my own clearing spray. I used fresh spring water, rose essential oil, rosemary flower water and 2 green aventurine crystals.

    It smells absolutely gorgeous and refreshing. I am going to use it for space clearing but it could also be used for refreshing sheets,on pillow to help relaxing before sleep or even altar clearing.

    I can make this spray and more in my holistic shop these essences are also infused with the energy of crystals and charged with Reiki.

    clearing spray

  15. Green is the perfect colour to use when a chakra point is out of balance. While it is true that the specific colour related to the chakra can also be used, green is the colour (among other things) of balance and so it is great to restore an overactive or under active chakra.

    Try this simple exercise:

    - Sit down and relax. Make sure you have 10 minutes where you won't be disturbed. Now take a deep breath and start visualizing each chakra point, one by one starting from the crown. Imagine it spinning. Then, slowly, imagine a green ball of light. Slowly cover the chakra with the green light and hold it in place for about a minute. Do this for each chakra or, if you already know of a problem point you can start straight there.

    When done imagine a clear white light covering your body, from head to toe. Imagine roots sprouting from your feet and reaching deep down into the Earth and rooting themselves at the center. Another deep breath and that's it, that simple!



  16. Water as a symbol in dreams always represents emotions and/or the subconscious. All forms of the sea: calm, rough, choppy etc can represent different stages of our emotional state. A calm sea perhaps signifies feeling at ease while a rough sea might show a struggle or being overwhelmed. Similar significance is given to smaller bodies of water like lakes or pools yet perhaps a more contained emotional state since not totally like an "open sea". The other symbols in the dream will help clarify the overall meaning.

    POSITIVES: In control, being able to see clearly (play of words here), in touch with the subconscious, hope, feeling positive, looking forward to what is next.

    NEGATIVES: Feeling overwhelmed, emotional overload, sadness, unable to see a solution, needing to take control.

  17. Fish has a multitude of significance in dreams. It is also associated with Christianity. But mainly it can represent subconscious messages about a situation, perhaps something is not what it seems. It is also associated with fertility and conception.

    POSITIVES: Fertility, awareness, looking at a situation in a broader way, there is more out there than meets the eye.

    NEGATIVES: Deceit, someone or something not being what they seem, no awareness of present situation, losing our grasp on something.

  18. It is really easy to meditate with colours. In fact I recommend it even to people who find it hard to concentrate and meditate (I am one of them!). If you have trouble visualizing then pick an object the colour you wish to meditate on (don't worry too much which to pick, the one you are attracted to at that time is the one you need) and then slowly relax while focusing on the object.

    I do this often with abstract cards (like Oracle cards) as some are really beautifully done and fit the purpose perfectly.

    Have pen and paper handy.

    Make sure you won't be disturbed for at least 10 minutes. Then  focus on the object and feel the colour reaching towards you. Feel it enveloping your body, breathe this colour in. Stay like this as you feel comfortable.

    When ready to end the meditation imagine the colour returning slowly to the object. Take a couple of deep breaths and return to normal.

    I find this a very easy form of self colour therapy. As a rule (unless told otherwise) the colours you are attracted to will benefit you, while the ones you really dislike probably lack from your energy field (so sometimes pick a colour you don't really like). It helps to try this regularly will all colours of the spectrum, one at the time.

    This also helps balancing the Chakra centers.

  19. This comes from a dream I had last night. I was in my childhood home and I saw a rattlesnake in the corridor, I screamed and then my dad came to pick it up and threw it out of the house. Then another snake materialized, this time almost all black and on the living room table. Again I scream and run away as I think it is poisonous and it's going to bite me.

    Snakes can symbolize sexuality and the fears related to it. Also fear of commitment. Oftentimes they are seen as phallic symbols. Rattlesnakes seem to be generally associated with time and the passing of it.

    POSITIVES: Renewal, healing, ongoing progress, positive changes.

    NEGATIVES: Fears to do with one sexuality, fear of commitment, temptations, someone who cannot be trusted, cunning used for the wrong reasons.

    Tarot cards: 7 of Swords, The Devil, Death, 9 of Wands.


  20. I saw yet another post yesterday (actually two and one was from a Tarot reader) selling services and readings that are always "positive" and happy. This always kind of makes me angry. Why you might ask? Because: how can you have only one side?

    Besides, most people go to a reader when they are either stuck, want clarity on an issue or are un-happy. As a friend just commented: "without darkness you wouldn't be able to see the light". I am not suggesting one should suggest doom to clients, but life is full of up and downs, endings and beginnings, laughter and tears. Wouldn't it be better to say: "my readings are compassionate and kind?".

    I really don't understand the current obsession with fluffing up everything and claim one is made only of light. That is just denial and unfair I think, Tarot readings (and all kind of readings) I believe are meant to help guide and empower the client, whatever path they choose. And if obstacles are there well, that's just life!